Employers hosting any career counseling sessions still need to have a designated proctor who will record attendee names to submit to the Iowa Coalition for Integration & Employment for verification of attendance (see Webinar Resources). Please be sure to send signed attendance sheets to Jessica Kreho and please ensure that the information provided is legible.

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Video Webinar Recordings

Note: In addition to the webinars, participants will need to engage in a follow-up discussion with their employment service provider to complete the Follow-Up Information and Referral Form (see Webinar Resources). This should be done in conjunction with each webinar/ every cycle of career counseling. The form should be place in their employment file with a copy of their Certificate of Attendance.

Introduction to Community Employment: Let's Talk About Work! (Basic)

This webinar is shorter and more basic in the information it conveys. It is intended for individuals who may not benefit from Session 101 or Session 102.

Watch Introduction Video

Introduction Session PowerPoint

Community Employment: Let's Talk About Work! (Session 101)

This webinar is a great starting point for individuals who need career counseling. Because it is archived, it can be repeated as needed, should someone benefit from revisiting the information covered.

Watch Session 101 Video

Community Employment - Let's Get to Work! (101)

Community Employment: Let's Talk About Work Again! (Session 102)

Intended for individuals who have already viewed Session 101, this webinar provides information that expands on career exploration and discovery.

Watch Session 102 Video

Session 102 PowerPoint

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Webinar Resources

The resources in the links listed are the instructions for the sessions, forms to be filled out, and other related material for the sessions.

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Additional Information

We still encourage employers who are hosting or proctoring individual or group viewings of any career counseling sessions to invite parents/guardians, case manager/care coordinators, and supportive friends of employees to attend the session with them.  It will be important that individuals have adequate support to participate, capture any questions/comments, and engage in the follow-up discussion to identify appropriate next steps.

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