When it comes to learning, one size doesn't always fit all. Some students will require a different path to find success.

Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs offer students an alternative way to reach their educational goals and find their own way to a rewarding career. By partnering with local businesses, your school district can create more opportunities for learning and growth in high-demand jobs while still supporting a student’s success at school.

Benefits of Students in RA Programs

Students in RA programs receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Technical on-the-job training at the same time they're receiving a paycheck for their work.
  • The ability to earn college credits through their program if they wish to continue their training.
  • Earning a nationally recognized certificate once they've completed a program.

An apprenticeship program also helps to keep students involved in learning, because they will graduate with a High School diploma and a portable credential from the program.

What Educators Need to Know about Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Student Success Stories

List of High School Programs

Visit this link to view a list of all High School Registered Apprenticeship programs in Iowa. To request updates or more information, please contact us.