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Ask today's employers about the challenges facing their businesses, and they routinely sound similar themes: They're concerned about a talent shortage and skills gap that threatens to hinder their companies' efforts to expand, innovate, and thrive. 

That’s where Registered Apprenticeship programs come into play. With apprenticeship programs, your business can recruit, train, and retain workers to build a workforce that meets your needs. And in many cases, it's one will be incredibly loyal and happy to stay in your pipeline. As employers, you can recruit both adults and students to participate in valuable programs that support your business.

Best of all, employers receive support to help build their programs in ways that ensure they will meet industry standards – in fields that include everything from construction and healthcare to IT, advanced manufacturing, and more. Offering Registered Apprenticeship opportunities is a key way to ensure that Iowa can meet its needs for a future ready workforce.

Building the Pipeline with Apprenticeship Programs


Percentage of Apprentices Who Remain Employed After Completing a Program


Iowa Employers Engaged in Registered Apprenticeship (FY 2023)


Active RA Programs in Iowa (FY 2023)

Why Sponsor a Registered Apprenticeship program?

Sponsoring a Registered Apprenticeship program helps bridge the gap between your business and the talent you need to be successful. The benefits are many, but a few of the highlights include: 

How to Get Started: Sponsoring a Registered Apprenticeship Program

IWD stands ready to help any employer explore their options for an apprenticeship program. Get started in just few steps as laid out below.