All employment specialists, employment supervisors and coordinators are required to review the CRP Menu of Services Manual, sign and return the Acknowledgement of Understanding (page 25 in the Manual) in PDF format to Mary Ingersoll.

In line with IME provider qualifications, all employment specialists have 12 months from the date of hire to meet the professional certification required to provide job development and job coaching services.

Providers doing DIF Customized Employment (CE), and Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services must complete the respective service certification prior to providing the service.

All employment specialists must also complete a minimum of 4 CEU of employment support classes and/or training per year to continue providing employment support services.

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  1. Welcome!
  2. Career Exploration
  3. Job Shadow
  4. Job Seeking Skills Training
  5. Work Readiness Assessment
  6. Work Adjustment Training
  7. Externship
  8. Job Development
  9. Transportation Training
  10. Non-Supported Employment Job Coaching
  11. Supported Employment Job Coaching
  12. Natural Support Plan
  13. Job Follow Up
  14. Customized Employment
  15. Customized Discovery
  16. Individual Placement and Support
  17. Pre-ETS Supported Short Term Paid Work Experience
  18. Menu of Services Triage
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CRP Menu of Services Quiz

All employment specialists are required to review the Menu of Services (MOS) Training Modules and pass the Menu of Services Quiz within 12 months of employment. You may take the quiz as many times as needed to pass with 25/25 (100%).

Take CRP Menu of Services Quiz

1.5 CEUs toward the required 4.0 CEUs per year in Supported Employment Services training is available upon successful completion of the MOS Training Modules and Quiz. These CEUs are good for both Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services and Health and Human Services employment service CEU requirements. VR automatically records the completion.

If you would like to have a copy of the certificate, please request it via email at or call (641) 422-1551 ext. 44567.

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Employment First Training Series

The Iowa Employment First Training Series is a collection of training and resources specifically designed for community-based case managers, care managers, service coordinators, and integrated health home coordinators. We use the term case manager to refer to the whole array of service coordination positions.

"Employment in the general workforce is the first priority and the expected and preferred outcome in the provision of publicly funded services for all working age Iowan's with disabilities."

As Iowa’s system is shifting from a facility-based to community-based employment model, it requires a change in philosophy and approach in supporting Iowans with disabilities. Case managers play a pivotal role in advancing employment for individuals with disabilities, especially those with the most significant disabilities.

The Iowa Employment First Training Series consists of webinar modules with corresponding tools & resources that equip case managers with essential information to support individuals to have the opportunity to explore and pursue integrated, competitive employment. The first set of Training Modules to be released includes:

  1. Expectations and Having Conversations that Inform, Encourage, and Shape Employment Planning
  2. Person Centered Planning for Medicaid Funded HCBS Employment Services
  3. Where the Rubber Hits the Road
  4. VR 101
  5. Benefits Planning 101
  6. Traumatic Brain Injury and Employment
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Additional Resources

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