The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) membership includes representatives of:

  • Business and Industry,
  • Iowans with disabilities or their representatives,
  • Statewide Independent Living Council,
  • State Workforce and Department of Education,
  • Community Rehabilitation Providers,
  • Current or former recipients of IVRS services, and
  • Others according to 34 CFR 361.17 - Requirements for a State Rehabilitation Council.

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Members are volunteers appointed by the Governor.

If you are interested in becoming an SRC member, here's how you can do so.

IVRS staff and SRC members share the common goal of "empowering individuals with disabilities to maximize employment, economic self-sufficiency, independence, inclusion and integration into society." Authorized under the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, State Rehabilitation Councils provide individuals with disabilities and representatives from the community with a partnership role in the state's rehabilitation program.

Appointments: Members are appointed by the Governor to the Council each July 1 to serve three-year terms (or fill the remaining term of a vacant position).

Time Commitment: The council meets from approximately 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. four times a year - once each quarter.

  • Annually between January and March, the SRC hosts a legislative reception from 7 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. at the State Capitol in Des Moines.
  • Interested persons should have a willingness to learn about IVRS programs and policies; this may at times involve some in-between-meetings or reading of materials provided. 

COSTS: Although members are volunteers, funds are available to reimburse members for expenses such as travel, lodging or meals, and personal attendant services. A working lunch is provided the day of the meeting to effectively utilize all members' time. Reimbursements for expenses are in accordance with state fiscal policies.

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This is not a passive council. Your involvement affords the opportunity to make a difference in the world of disability employment!

The State of Iowa maintains a website for those interested in serving on boards and commissions. You can register for and set up an account at this site, which will allow you to complete and easily submit your application online (preferred).

Apply to Become a SRC Member

You may also save the application form on your computer to complete, or you can complete the application form manually. Forms not submitted online should be faxed to 515-725-3528 for the Governor’s consideration.

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Member Resources

As a new SRC member, there is a learning curve to not only understand the role and responsibilities of an SRC member, but also to understand the mission and vision of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services. We have provided resources we hope you will find to be a useful guidance and reference.

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