Brandon Knopf was able to turn his unique hobby into an Iowa business after facing a life-changing disability.

Brandon came to the Iowa Self-Employment (ISE) Program at Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) in 2019 and began to explore the possibility of starting a business making ducks calls.

His IVRS counselor and ISE Specialist Dennis Bogenrief discussed the feasibility of this business idea and benefits planning, then developed a business plan and began the process of building his business with equipment, a website and the assistive technology he needed.

In 2019, with IVRS-ISE help, the original home-based business moved into a business incubator in Newton, Iowa, now known as Iowa Hunting Products, and has been doing well ever since.

In 2020 Iowa Hunting Products acquired a product called Man’s Best Friend. It incorporates ashes, (he has a design patent), images, dog tags, etc. into a customized game call. While still dealing primarily in waterfowl calls, the business has also ventured into coon, deer, and turkey calls as well. Brandon says the additional products make his business less seasonal.

In October, 2021, Iowa Hunting Products acquired the Image Rod Technology, which puts images inside a game call. They provide blanks to other call makers in the industry and the ability to produce an injection molded image call. This was launched in fall of 2021 and has been a success.

There are additional products coming out this fall, an image poly deer call, goose call, and a few others to fill out the product line. They also make custom image fishing rod handles!! Be sure to check out the website at

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