Bridgid Ruden was enjoying a career as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner before she suffered a traumatic brain injury after a bicycle accident in 2008. When she woke from a coma, she had no memory of her previous life and began a long journey to relearn language and life skills.

Bridgid worked with IVRS and Kochell Weber-Ricklefs with the Iowa Self-Employment program to pivot to a new career as part of her recovery.

Bridgid’s former career in health care established an interest in the healing arts.

Bridgid began a speaking career, appearing on radio and TV, to talk about paths to healing. Her experiences also led her to publish her book, Discovering my Life’s Purpose: From Tragedy to Triumph.

Her interest in healing has helped her teach self-care and healing techniques such as Reiki, nutrition and alternative medicine to others through webinars, podcasts and in person.