Amber had a clear career path in mind when she graduated.

“I had always wanted to be a designer since I was younger, and after I graduated I found that there were no web design jobs in this area for an Associates Level graduate.”

That didn’t stop Amber, who chose to go back to college to continue her education in 2012.

"From there, things progressed slowly to where I am now,” she said.

In 2015 Amber added photography to her repertoire and started a business of her own.

In 2018, she began receiving assistance from the Iowa Self-Employment Program (ISE) at Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS).

“ISE aided me in purchasing a new camera for my photography, office furniture, a new laptop, and printed marketing materials for my business,” she said. Working with them also increased my financial literacy and helped me learn how to track my expenses and income in a more effective way for better reporting come tax time.”

Amber’s business continued to grow in new directions.

“After resolving my own health struggles and losing 110 lbs on my own, I became a health coach in 2017,” she said “Eventually, alongside coaching, I began to work with other coaches on their websites. Many people came to me for website design without even having a logo or color choices. Naturally, I moved into branding and business coaching (rather than health), but what I found was that no matter what tools or systems I gave them, my clients still struggled with personal blocks that kept them from reaching the success they desired.”

She created Soul Morphology to help show people what needs to change and helps them to find success and what they are truly seeking.

"After my clients know what they really, truly want, I am there to help with all business aspects--websites, graphics, photography, and building an online presence,” she said.

Amber also continues to work with IVRS as an ISE Contract Consultant, periodically helping other ISE job candidates succeed with website development and social media.

With persistence, Amber successfully built a thriving business with ongoing support from ISE and ISE Business Development Specialist Dennis Bogenrief.

“All together, I think I worked with IVRS and ISE for about 9 years until I found my success in business coaching and design”, she said. “It was a wild, fun ride and their support was integral to my success from the beginning!. I couldn't be more thankful!”