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Intermediary Network

The Iowa Intermediary Network

Iowa's Intermediary Network was created to help better connect businesses and schools to career exploration and workforce readiness opportunities like work-based learning. The network is tied together by Iowa's community college 15 regions and is focused on creating these opportunities in highly dynamic and technology-driven industries in the state.

In 2022, management of the Intermediary Network was moved from the Iowa Department of Education to Iowa Workforce Development as part of state government alignment, to improve overall coordination with existing work-based learning and apprenticeship programs that are supporting a successful workforce.

Focus on Work-Based Learning

Iowa's Intermediary Network has continued to adapt and strengthen its approach to work-based learning. The number of organizations in the state who are focused on work-based learning continues to grow, and resources are needed in order to build and expand the state's workforce pipelines. Earlier in 2023, the Statewide Intermediary Work-Based Learning Grant once again became a focus to help fund the creation of these value programs.

Statewide Intermediary Work-Based Learning Grant Program

Governor Kim Reynolds announced a new $1.5 million Statewide Intermediary Work-based Learning Grant to help Iowa high school students experience one-on-one contact with potential employers and help them make informed decisions about postsecondary education and careers. Funding is expected to help create and support a range of work-based learning programs, including internships, job shadowing experiences, apprenticeable occupations, or other workplace learning opportunities in targeted industries.

Statewide Intermediary Grant Program Contacts

Each one of 15 community college regions in Iowa has a contact for the Statewide Intermediary Work-Based Learning Grant Program. Visit the link below to find a contact in your region.

IWD Contact

For more information intermediary grant program and network as a whole, please contact Kathy Leggett at Iowa Workforce Development. 

Kathy Leggett