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Beginning July 1, 2023, Iowa education organizations are required to post any vacant positions on (The Department of Education’s Teach Iowa website stopped accepting posts on that date.) If you’re part of a school-oriented agency or someone looking for a job connected to education, please read below for more details.

Iowa Senate File 560, which was recently passed by the Iowa Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds, provided appropriations to various educational entities. Among other things, this act eliminated the Teach Iowa job posting system.

Division XVI of SF560 instructs Iowa Workforce Development (IWD), in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Education, to establish a system that allows the Iowa Department of Education, school districts, charter schools, Area Education Agencies, and accredited nonpublic schools to post job openings. The new system will replace the Department of Education’s current Teach Iowa website, which will no longer be funded or maintained.

This means:

  • By July 1, 2023, the Department of Education, school districts, charter schools, and AEAs must begin to post job openings on the IowaWORKS system maintained by IWD.
  • New job postings will no longer be accepted in the Teach Iowa system after July 1. However, open jobs posted on Teach Iowa at the time of the transition will be moved to automatically, without any action required by the organization that posted them.
  • Job applicants who have resumes and credentials stored on the Teach Iowa site will need to retrieve that information and/or upload new versions of it to


Education-affiliated institutions already can post open jobs on by following the instructions in IWD’s job posting guide  One-on-one assistance with posting jobs also is available by contacting the IWD Business Engagement Division at 1-833-469-2967 or The Business Engagement Division was formed last year to provide one-on-one assistance for any Iowa employer dealing with workforce challenges.

Education organizations can expect to be contacted by an IWD Business Engagement Consultant (BEC) sometime before the end of June to offer assistance getting started on BECs are based in IowaWORKS offices around the state and will be able to:

  • Help schools post jobs quickly.
  • Arrange individualized training.
  • Assist with any other issues related to transitioning to the new system.


Iowa Workforce Development and the Iowa Department of Education strongly urge everyone involved in education-related job searches to register with IowaWORKS as soon as possible. This goes for hiring organizations, as well as job seekers. Registering with IowaWORKS will enable job applicants to post a resume and search for vacant positions using the system's Virtual Recruiter. One-on-one assistance to get started is available both online and at your local IowaWORKS office.

Important considerations:

  • IWD plans to retrieve any active job listings on Teach Iowa (those posted by not yet filled) and upload them onto by July 1. The migration will not require any action by the poster. However, all job vacancies advertised after  July 1 must be posted in IowaWORKS under the new law..
  • Other information stored in the Teach Iowa system, such as job seeker resumes, credentials, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs), will not be permanently maintained there. Job seekers should register for an account as soon as possible. Once you do so, you will be able to upload a resume and any credentials, CEUs, and diplomas that you might want to use to apply for open positions.   

IWD has recorded a series of videos to teach appropriate school officials about the IowaWORKS system, including its capabilities, how to post jobs, and how to utilize all available resources.  The videos are posted below:

A separate set of videos covers what to do for job seekers who wish to register and begin pursuing opportunities with school districts.


IWD held additional webinars with school team members to walk through how to post jobs and use the Virtual Recruiter to find job candidates. You can access the webinars by using the Zoom links below:

Watch this page for more information as it becomes available. Contact IWD's Business Engagement Division or email if you have any specific questions.