153 online applications and 15% of people referred apply online with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services. IVRS recently launched online applications in the fall of 2022. This service is something new, getting much positive feedback from staff and applicants.

Applicants can apply online through the IVRS website by going to ivrs.iowa.gov and clicking on Agency Services. Once you click on that you will see the β€˜Apply for Services’ tab, which is where you can apply for these services. You can also apply for services via gov2go, a website that IVRS utilizes for applicants.

Once your application is submitted your local office will contact you and follow up with you on the application.

These online applications are often more accessible for those interested in services than traditional paper or in-person applications. You can still apply for services by calling your local IVRS office or by visiting your local IVRS office to fill out the paperwork in person.

Written by Courtney Jackson