List of Valid Reemployment Activities

There are 12 valid reemployment activities that can be used to satisfy the weekly active search for work requirement. Eight (8) activities are self-guided and can be completed by claimants on their own and four (4) can only be completed with staff assistance. Several activities can be completed through the IowaWORKS website and IowaWORKS Centers, while other activities can be completed outside of IowaWORKS.

See the full list of activities in the sections below. 

Self-Guided Activities

(Activities can be completed by claimants on their own.) 

  1. Apply for a potential job opening by submitting a résumé or application through any of the following methods:
    1. Online
    2. In Person 
    3. Email 
    4. Fax/Mail 
  2. Take a civil service exam. 
    1. Select ‘Proficiency Testing’ when entering this activity.
  3. Veterans may submit a résumé to Home Base Iowa ( 
    1. Select ‘Workshop – Résumé’ when entering this activity. NOTE: An individual can only count this activity on only one weekly claim during their benefit year.
  4. Register with a placement facility of a school or college.
    1. Select ‘Career Planning (CAP)’ when entering this activity. NOTE: An individual can only count this activity on only one weekly claim during their benefit year.
  5. Interview for a job (virtually, in person or at a job fair).
    1. Select ‘Workshop – Interviewing’ when entering this activity. 
  6. Attend any IowaWORKS workshop.
    1. Select from this list of workshops when entering this activity: 
      1. Workshop - Résumé 
      2. Workshop - Job Search 
      3. Workshop - Financial Literacy 
      4. Workshop - Interviewing 
      5. Workshop - Employer Led 
      6. Workshop - Career Interest 
      7. Workshop - Digital Literacy 
      8. Workshop - Personal Growth 
      9. Workshop - Work Readiness 
      10. Workshop - Labor Market Information 
      11. Workshop - Unemployment Information 
      12. Workshop - Other 
      13. Workshop - Job Finding Club 
  7. Attend job fair sponsored by IowaWORKS or partners (keep flyer or advertisement) 
    1. Select ‘Workshop – Employer Led’ when entering this activity 
  8. Attend a scheduled career networking meeting with IowaWORKS office 
    1. Select ‘Workshop - Job Finding Club’ when entering this activity

Staff-Assisted Activities

(Activities must be completed with staff assistance) 

  1. Create a reemployment plan (RESEA or other programs) 
    1. Develop Service Strategies (IEP/ISS/EDP) 
    2. RESEA Initial Assessment 
    3. SubRESEA Assessment 
    4. RCM Appointment 
  2. Appointment with a Career Planner at a IowaWORKS office 
    1. Career Planning (CAP) 
  3. Appointment with a core WIOA partner (Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Basic Education, Wagner Peyser, Title I) 
    1. Career Planning (CAP) 
  4. Mock Interview at IowaWORKS 
    1. Staff-Assisted Job Search and Placement (JSP) 

Please call 1-866-239-0843 if you have any immediate questions about work search requirements related to your specific circumstances. You can also visit reemployment activities main page for more information.