Which is Which: How to Identify Your Benefit

3 Key Questions:

  • When do you usually receive your check?
    • 1st of the month - SSI
    • 3rd or a certain Wednesday - SSDI
  • How much is your check?
    • $783 or less - SSI
    • More than $783 - SSDI
  • How many checks do you receive?
    • 1 - SSI or SSDI
    • 2 - Concurrent SSI and SSDI


Paid on the 1stPaid on the 3rd (usually)
Amount maximum is $783 single or $1,175  couple (2020)Benefit amount depends on previous earnings
Check is reduced depending on incomeCheck is "all or nothing" depending on earned income
Check is impacted by most incomeCheck is impacted only by wages
Resource limit is $2,000 single/$3,000 coupleHas no resource limit
Income is counted when it is receivedIncome is counted when it is earned