Everyone goes through the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) process differently. Here are the general steps everyone goes through.


Complete a VR Application



You will meet with a VR staff member to: 

  • gather information about your disability,
  • understand your employment needs and goals,
  • sign forms about your rights and responsibilities,
  • sign any needed release of information forms, and 
  • complete a health assessment questionnaire.​


Your counselor will get medical records and may request an assessment to determine your eligibility for services.

Based on this, your counselor will determine if you are eligible for VR services.

If you are eligible, your counselor will determine whether you are:

  • Most Significantly Disabled (MSD), 
  • Significantly Disabled (SD), or 
  • Others Eligible (OE). 

You may be placed on a waiting list.


Plan Development

Once off the wait list, you will work with a counselor on the development of an individualized plan for employment (IPE). 

You and your counselor are partners in this process.

Your IPE will be unique to your employment goals and needs.


Service Delivery

Based on your IPE, you will receive services needed to achieve your employment goal.

Examples of services can include (but are not limited to): 

  • counseling and guidance, 
  • referrals for treatment and, or restoration, 
  • education, 
  • training, 
  • job seeking skills, 
  • supported employment, 
  • rehabilitation technology, 
  • self-employment, 
  • customized employment and, or job carving, and 
  • on-the-job supports.

Employment/ Stabilization

Once employed, VR Staff will follow up with you for at least 90 days.

This makes sure that your employment remains stable and there are no further needs from VR.


Successful Case Closure

After the 90 day follow-up, VR will close your case.

We will hold your case for a minimum of 5 years. During this time, you may ask for your VR case file.

If you ever need VR's help again, our doors are open for you.