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SNAP E&T Providers

Becoming a 50/50 E&T Service Provider

SNAP E&T providers are making the difference in the lives of Iowans by creating opportunities for sustainable employment. Factors to consider for becoming a provider include:

  • The Right Participants: Individuals participating in an education, training or job search program AND receiving SNAP in Iowa.
  • The Right Services: Provider of education, training, job search or job retention activities that promote and provide a path to self-sufficiency.
  • The Right Funding Source(s): Non-Federal funding source(s) that is not used as a match in another federally funded program.
  • The Right Capacity: The administrative requirements of the E&T program are specific and can be rigorous. Appropriate staffing and financial capacity to assess and enroll participants, provide appropriate services and supports, track and record participant progress and outcomes, collect and report required data, track and appropriately bill program costs associated with a federally funded program are essential.
Information on Becoming a 50-50 E&T Service Provider
Finding the Right Setup for a SNAP E&T Provider

For a list of current providers, visit this link.

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