1. May be Authorized twice if needed NTE (Not To Exceed) 160 units, 40 hours.
  2. Can be authorized a second time for an additional 80 units (20 hours) for a total of 240 units (60 hours).
  3. Up to 8 units (2 hours) to develop a plan for natural supports.
  4. Secondary school should pay for this.
  5. Initial authorization NTE 320 Units (up to 80 hours). Extension can be done for additional 160 units (up to 40 hours) for a total NTE 480 Units (up to 120 hours). Once 480 Units (120 hours) are used, an ETP is necessary to authorize additional units. Per Department of Labor requirement, more than 480 units should not be used in a 2 month time period.
  6. Not to exceed 4 years, or until individual reaches age 25 or is approved for Waiver services.