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Rapid Response Services

When workers are laid off due to a business closing or mass layoff, a special process referred to as Rapid ResponseĀ is used to quickly coordinate services for companies and the affected workers.Ā 

We encourage businesses to contact us right away, even if layoffs are not scheduled to occur for a number of months or are temporary.Ā 

Following notification and confirmation of a layoff,Ā the Rapid Response Team will work with the business and union officials (if applicable)Ā to determine the best course of action. To best assist, the Rapid Response Team will need to gather information on:Ā 

  • the anticipated layoff schedule,Ā 
  • the employer's needs and expectations,Ā 
  • the employee'sĀ needs and expectations,Ā 
  • available resources,
  • time and resource constraints,
  • community factors, andĀ 
  • workforce demographic, education, skills and needs.Ā 

Rapid Response Teams will also work with the business and union officials (if applicable) to review types of services availableĀ to affected workers. These services will be gone over with the affected workers during Worker Information MeetingsĀ whichĀ include:Ā 

  • Overview of IowaWORKSĀ Center benefits, such as:Ā 
    • Career guidance and access to current job openingsĀ 
    • Resume and interviewing assistance
    • Labor Market Information (occupational information and economic trends)Ā 
    • Job search andĀ placement assistanceĀ 
    • Funding for education and training opportunities
    • On-the-Job Training
    • Supportive services
    • Workshops
  • Overview of unemployment insurance benefits and how to file
  • Overview of alternativeĀ pension & insurance program options
  • Options for VeteransĀ 
  • Organizing of targeted hiring events/job fairsĀ 

Other state agencies or community-based organizations can beĀ invited to participate in the Worker Information Meeting as deemed appropriate.Ā These services are fully funded by the Department of Labor through the State of Iowa under the Dislocated Worker Program.

A petition may need to be filedĀ under Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for job losses attributed to foreign competition.

For questions and issuances ofĀ WARN notifications, please contact the State Rapid Response Coordinator.