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IWD tracks instances when workers leave or refuse employment, or when unemployment claimants refuse legitimate job offers or interviews. Employers can find relevant resources at the links below.

Notice of Separation or Refusal to Return to Work

When a worker leaves or refuses your employment for any reason that you believe disqualifies the individual from receiving unemployment insurance benefits, employers can notify IWD.

To automatically report an employee separation or refusal to return to work, please provide the requested information on the Notice of Separation or Refusal To Return To Work Web Form.

Refusal to Accept Job Offer

Unemployment claimants must follow guidelines when applying for and accepting work in order to remain eligible to receive weekly benefits. Employers can report claimants who as job applicants in Iowa refuse legitimate job offers.

The employer will be notified to provide details of the job offer if the applicant is currently receiving unemployment insurance. If employers suspect a candidate who has declined employment is receiving unemployment benefits, they can complete the following form: Job Offer Decline Form for Employers.

Wage Requirements for Suitable Work

  • The wage requirement to determine if work is suitable is calculated using the wages earned in the high quarter of the base period. A job offer may be considered suitable if the offered wages to the claimant are at or above the following percentages of their average weekly wage (AWW:
    • 100 percent if work is offered in the first week of a claim
    • 90 percent if work is offered during the 2nd and 3rd week of a claim
    • 80 percent if worked is offered during the 4th and 5th week of a claim
    • 70 percent if work is offered during the 6th through the 8th week of a claim
    • 60 percent if work is offered after the 8th week of a claim

Job Offer or Interview Decline Form

Employers can visit this link to report Unemployed Claimants in Iowa who have refused legitimate job offers or interviews.