Iowa Workforce Development partners with to help verify the identity of Iowans who are filing for unemployment benefits and services. is certified against federal standards to provide secure identity verification. An Verified Identity helps to make sure that the person logging in to your account and filing for benefits is really you and not someone pretending to be you.

Iowans can start using now for faster verification when filing for unemployment. If you are not filing a claim right now, you can also save time in the future by creating an account in the system. Below are links and resources to help guide your use of 


  • While you can create your account ahead of time, your identity verification will not be processed with IWD until you log into through the IWD claims portal and submit an unemployment claim.
  • If you have recently filed for benefits (prior to January 2nd), you can still use as an option to verify your identity when you are filing your subsequent weekly claim. 


The following video provides an introduction to using In just a few short steps using common identifying document(s), you can quickly verify your identity and be on your way to applying for benefits.

  • Iowans filing for unemployment benefits with IWD will now be prompted to use for identity verification while in the claims portal.
  • Iowans who have recently filed or who plan to file are highly encouraged to create an account and verify their identity. Claimants who have already verified their identities will experience a faster unemployment claim submission process.
  • Following the initial period, on April 1, 2024, will be the required process for new and currently filing claimants. Implementation Schedule (2024)

Jan. 2 becomes available as an option for claimants to use when verifying their identity online.

Apr. 1 becomes a requirement for all claimants filing for benefits. Claimants must register and use the system.


The following section covers how to create an account, prepare with common documents, and how to get support from

You will need to create an account with in order to verify your identity. You have the option to create your account ahead of time, but your identity verification will not be processed with IWD until you log into through the IWD claims portal and submit an unemployment claim. 

OPTIONS TO USE ID.ME also improves accessibility with identity verification. Iowa Workforce Development offers Iowans three different options in partnership with to verify their identity.