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Iowa Workforce Development to Begin Mailing 1099-G Forms on January 24

Iowa Workforce Development will begin mailing form 1099-G on January 24, 2024.  The 1099-G includes any unemployment insurance benefits issued December 28, 2022 through December 26, 2023 and any federal and/or state taxes that were withheld.  The Internal Revenue Service and the Iowa Department of Revenue will also be provided this information.  If you have changed your address since you last claimed benefits, you need to update your mailing address with Iowa Workforce Development. 

If you do not receive your notice by February 12, 2024, please contact Iowa Workforce Development to request a duplicate copy be mailed to you.

1099-G Request

Individuals can fill out the following form to request a new 1099-G form for tax purposes. If you are requesting your 1099-G to be sent to another address than what we have on file, you will be required to submit proof.  A 1099-G is issued if you received $10 or more in gross unemployment insurance payments.

For assistance, please contact us.