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Programs that Help Workers


The youth program is designed to prepare youth facing significant barriers to success for employment and/or post-secondary education through strong linkages between academic and occupational learning. The program provides resources and support to overcome those barriers and successfully transition to self-sufficient adulthood. Local communities provide youth activities and services in partnership with IowaWORKS and under the direction of local Workforce Development Boards.


  • Tutoring, Study Skills training, and dropout prevention and recovery strategies that lead to completion of the requirements for a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent.
  • Alternative secondary school services.
  • Paid and Unpaid work experiences that have academic and occupational education as a component of the work experience. This may include:
    • Summer employment opportunities
    • Year-round employment opportunities
    • Pre-apprenticeship programs
    • Internships and job shadowing
    • On-the-job training opportunities
  • Occupational Skills training programs that lead to recognized post-secondary credentials that align with in-demand industry sectors or occupations.
  • Education offered concurrently with workforce preparation activities and training for a specific occupation or occupational cluster.
  • Leadership Development opportunities, including community service and peer-centered activities encouraging responsibility and other positive social and civic behaviors.
  • Supportive Services
  • Adult Mentoring
  • Follow-up Services for no less than 12 months after the completion of participation, as appropriate.
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling which may include drug and alcohol abuse counseling, as well as referrals to counseling, as appropriate to the needs of the individual.
  • Financial literacy education
  • Entrepreneurial skills training
  • Labor Market Information and activities that help youth prepare for, and transition to, post-secondary education and training.  

Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to postsecondary education and training.  


You may be eligible if you meet the below criteria:

  1. An individual who is in or out of school and between the ages of 14 and 24 years old. 
  2. A citizen of the United States or U.S. Territory, a U.S. permanent resident, or an alien/refugee lawfully admitted to the U.S.
  3. Registered with Selective Service (Males 18 years and older only).


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