A Better Identity Verification System with ID.me

Effective April 1, 2024, all Iowans filing for unemployment benefits with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) are required to use ID.me for identity verification. ID.me is a more secure and efficient process for verifying your identity, and is typically completed in just a few minutes. 

Over 25,000 claimants have already successfully used ID.me when filing a claim with IWD. Three verification options with ID.me are available to maximize accessibility and offer claimants the choice to find the best verification option that works for them. The three options are Online Self-Service, Video Chat Agent, and In-person Verification.

When to Use ID.me

Get Support Using ID.me

Please Note

  • Claimants can create an ID.me account ahead of their filing to save time, but your identity verification will not be processed with IWD until you log into ID.me through the IWD claims portal and submit your claim..