Iowa Workforce Development Communications
For Immediate Release
Date: June 29, 2023
Contact: Jesse Dougherty
Telephone: 515-725-5487

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Iowans’ Unemployment and Injury Benefits To Increase In July

DES MOINES, IOWA – Iowa Workforce Development, as part of its required annual review of unemployment insurance wages, announced that the maximum weekly benefit for unemployed Iowans and workers injured on the job will increase effective July 2, 2023.

Per Iowa law, IWD uses a formula each year to determine the maximum and minimum benefit amounts, which takes into account the number of Iowans covered by unemployment insurance and their gross wages.

This year’s review has determined that the maximum weekly benefit for unemployed Iowans will increase to $714 in Fiscal Year 2024, up from $676 in FY 2023. The full table of benefit rates for FY 2024 is below.

IWD’s annual review also recalculates the state’s taxable wage base, or the portion of employee wages that employers are required to pay taxes on to fund unemployment insurance. For Calendar Year 2024, the taxable wage base will increase to $38,200, up from $36,100 in CY 2023. That calculation is based on the average weekly wage, which was $1,099.55 in 2022. The average annual wage in 2022 was $57,176.40.

Meanwhile, the workers’ compensation maximum weekly benefit for temporary total disability, healing period, permanent total disability, and death will increase to $2,199.00.   For permanent partial disability, the weekly maximum will be $2,023.00.