Anthony Reyman’s business is expected to hit new heights in the coming year thanks to matching funds from Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS).

Reyman, a 19-year-old resident of Ottumwa, parlayed his lifelong love of planes into a fulltime vocation after graduating from Indian Hills Community College. Reyman’s Sky Inspired Aerial Photography uses drones to shoot video for online real estate ads and other businesses looking to create social media content.

“I’ve always been interested in flying,” Reyman said. “When I turned 16, I started thinking, ‘I can make a living off of this!’ ”

Reyman, who has profound difficulty hearing and wears hearing aids in both ears, will get help doing so through Iowa Self-Employment, a program created by Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) to help Iowans with disabilities get their own small businesses off the ground.

Danny Simonson, a rehabilitation coordinator with IVRS, said the Iowa Self-Employment program will match up to $10,000 that a client spends on technical advice or equipment to establish a small business. The program’s purpose is to help Iowans with disabilities create their own careers – and experience the benefits of work – in cases where they may be challenged by the constraints of working for someone else.

In Reyman’s case, IVRS offered advice at the beginning on the technical aspects of getting a business up and running and now will assist him in buying new drones and an upgraded editing laptop.

Sky Inspired Aerial Photography has multiple contracts lined up with small businesses seeking social media help he said. The future looks bright.

“I have hearing aids, and I know that’s different, but why let it affect you?” Reyman said. “The mind is a powerful thing. You can use it in a different way.”

Visit the IVRS website for more information on the Iowa Self-Employment program.

Click here to watch a video of Anthony Reyman's business in action.