SkillBridge For Transitioning Service Members

Transitioning Service Members can look to Iowa as their destination, starting with SkillBridge, to find a promising career. The U.S. Dept. of Defense's SkillBridge Program is a great opportunity that allows transitioning service members to spend the last six months of their tours of duty serving in internships at a variety of private businesses.

Now, the process is even easier with Iowa Workforce Development, who is now a third-party administrator of the program in the state. 

Benefits of the Program

Transitioning service members who participate in SkillBridge can expect to receive:

  • On-the-job training at a private employer for up to six months before leaving service.
  • Salary and benefits will continue to be paid by the Defense Department during your time in the program. 
  • Training programs often lead to future employment opportunities at the same employer or in a similar occupation.

Why Iowa? Learn About Our Veteran-Friendly State

SkillBridge already has multiple job opportunities in Iowa available for service members, and that number is expected to grow with IWD's partnership.


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